German Catgirl Accords

Michael von Preußen
Flag of Prussia.png

Treaty Type: ToF
Treaty Signed: 1/30/2010
Treaty Status: Active

The German Catgirl Accords is a ToF between Locke and Michael von Preußen. It was announced on January 30, 2010.

Text of the Treaty[edit | edit source]

A Treaty of Friendship between Azu-nyan and Michael von Haruhi

Article 1: Hippies[edit | edit source]

Both signatories agree to solve all disputes amicably and never let a difference come to blows. Naturally, any state of war between their nations is prohibited. Hugs are more effective than cruise missiles.

Article 2: Huggles[edit | edit source]

Both signatories recognize a state of mutual friendship and agree to talk daily. Should this not occur, the offending party will be punished at the discretion of the offended party. Also, both signatories will strive to remain in the same alliance, when possible.

Article 3: What Intelligence?[edit | edit source]

As an extension of the previous articles, both signatories will share information of all sorts that is not classified or restricted information.

Article 4: 2-for-1 Deal![edit | edit source]

If you roll one signatory, you'd best be ready to roll the other.

Article 5: Blow !@#$ Up[edit | edit source]

Should a mutual enemy arise and is capable of being attacked, both signatories will cooridinate to burn their nation to the ground.

Article 6: You Don't Love Me?[edit | edit source]

This pact cannot be cancelled. The bond between the two signatories is of the strength that, paper or not, the same relationship will remain now and forever more.

Signatories[edit | edit source]

  • Azu-nyan, Empress of All Things Feline, Wielder of the Nekomimi, Catgirl Wonder
  • His Imperial, Royal, and Serene Majesty Michael, Prince of Prussia, by the Grace of God Emperor of Greater Germania, King of Germany, Consul of the Lower Zorge Valley, Lord Protector of Maiden's Isle, Perpetual Vicar of National Unionism in the Germanic Domains
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