Brickizuela is situated in the north of South America, beside Bricklombia and Brickyana. It has 6 provinces, and covers around 960 miles2


Capital DistrictEdit

Districto Federal is located in the north of Brickizuela, and houses the capital, Brickacas. It covers 60 square miles, and is the most densely populated province. It has a coastline of around 20 miles.

Port DistrictEdit

Districto de Puerto is located in the northwest of Brickizuela and has the longest coastline of the three coastal provinces, covering 50 miles. It is also the second largest, at 200 square miles. This province houses the port city Port Brick and houses the main harbor of Brickizuela. It is linked to the rest of Brickizuela by a series of cargo trains to bring the goods imported through the whole region.


Playa de Bloques is the province and peninsula located in the northeast, and has most of the beaches in Brickizuela. It is the smallest province, consisting of only a narrow strip of land jutting out from the Capital District 30 miles long by 1 mile wide giving it a total of 30 square miles. However, it has many tourist attractions and is the main stopping point for Cruise Ships that visit Brickizuela.

Inner PlainsEdit

Los Llanos Interior is a province in the center of Brickizuela, and is the largest at 370 square miles. It has most of the farms and ranches in Brickizuela, making it the "breadbasket" of Brickizuela. It has incredibly fertile soil.

Mountain RegionEdit

Region de Montaña is the south-west province of Brickizuela, and is mostly in the Andes region. This is 150 square miles.

River RegionEdit

Region de Orinoco is the south-east province of Brickizuela and consist of 150 square miles of land around the Orinico River which flows from the Andes into the Atlantic Ocean, passing through Brickyana.

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