These are some of the nice places in the soviet union kingdom

this is a pic of one of five major city's in the soviet union its a nice clean city were people can come work and eat the city's are kept clean the air is clean and smells great the restaurant food is nice no loud noises

Soviet Unions tallest Building in all of the soviet union were people can go up to the very top floor for ten dollars a person to view the skyline it is a major hit with the people to get on the top floor and look over and down it cost 5 bucks a person but its well worth it to guest and visitors.

the monarchs palace with its garden the people love stopping by the gates and taking a pic of the garden people can come by smell the roses and take wonderful pictures of the flowers and the palace and buy stuff from the palace gift shop.

this is one of many soviet union gran clean beaches that are maintained daily to be kept clean and wast free 5 mile long beach line is sure to attract lotes of guest visitors to the Cristal clean water and white sand.

soviet union wildlife park is a great place to take the kids and family to explorer the wide open space in the park and watch animals who are free to roam around the park at will - WARNING NO FEEDING THE WILD ANIMALS -

Small soviet towns with friendly places with friendly people great place for people to window shop and meet others

one of many soviet farm land were all the healthy food comes from this is a pic of 1 of menay natural farms in the soviet kingdom

wide open nature park that people can walk in but not bring any thing that will harm the wildlife or the land

this is one of the soviet man made islands people love coming to see and bringing gifts from the island home

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