Supreme Nuffie of New Tauron
Term of Office December 08, 2007 to
August 31, 2009
Allegiance New Tauron
Born May 21
The grand city of Tootlesburgh, East Tauron
Died August 31 2009
Religion Jedi

Genghis (real name: Myron Kevin Wadrington) is the Self-Exalted Ruler of New Tauron. Genghis founded the Republic of New Tauron on an abandoned nuclear test site that the French or NPO had left behind, after he grew tired of his former nation of Genghistan and its affiliation to the Legion. He offed the 8000 plus people whilst they slept, in December of 2007 using the genocide method of Deletion button.

Searching his feelings, Genghis named his capital city, Concord Dawn after his mother and that really quick passenger jet with the bendy nose.

Seeking enlightenment, he became a Freemason and founded The Grand Lodge of Freemasons so his enlightened brothers could join him for a naked bum paddling session.

Genghis enjoys a good book on a rainy day and watching kids fall off swings and trampolines. As the elder statesman of the GLOF he is reminded daily of how old he really is and that he should be actually doing something constructive with his time other than ruling his virtual kingdom or racing his vitual race cars.

Yes, you read correctly, New Tauron has a first class race circuit that rivals anything that can be found in their neighbouring country of Republic of Sussudio. They race shopping trolleys for Pete's sake.

Genghis and his nation of New Tauron quietly slipped into the night sometime in late August 2009. Some say it was a freak storm or even an alien abduction that wiped this enigmatic ruler off the face of the planet. Conspiracy theorists have made several connections, one being to a General Arno Minion that looks uncannily like Genghis but the evidence is sketchy at best.

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