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The General Congress of Workers' and Peasants' Deputies of the Socialist Workers Front is the legislature and executive authority in the Socialist Workers Front. Established in the provisional constitution of the Front and continued in the September Constitution, the General Congress is comprised of all members and is a democratic assembly. Congress decides all legislation, elects the Central Committee, and debates on any issue brought up by one of its members.

The General Congress "idea" has been an unwritten tradition with libertarian socialist alliances, like with LSF's Delegate Assembly, ICP's General Congress, CPCN's General Assembly, and ICSN's General Assembly.

Notable Legislation[]

Many pieces of legislation have passed through the General Congress, this being a list of some of the most important ones:
Socialist Workers Front moves to Red[1]: 12 June 2009 (7-1)
Current flag adopted[2]: 12 June 2009 (8-3)
September Constitution ratified[3]: 1 September 2009 (20-0)
Warsaw Pact ratified[4]: 2 November 2009 (24-1)
Solidarity Declaration ratified[5]: 7 November 2009 (11-0)

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