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El Presidente
General Arno Minion
General Arno Minion

Assumed office
13th September 2009

In office
2nd March 2009 – 12th September 2009

Born May 21, 1963 (age 61)
Bodoni, Upper Caisse
Political party Serriffean Revolutionary
Religion Christianity

Arno Minion is the self proclaimed Lord Protector and High President of San Serriffe. Minion inherited the rule of the Republic of San Serriffe after siezing control via a military coup. He quickly set about forming aid ties with several large nations to boost the economy of his island nation.

He was born in the capital city, Bodoni but grew up in rural Serriffia where he learned to shoot and bully the less educated children. Minion attended Solidus Military Academy for Boys and graduated with honors. He later joined and progressed through the ranks of the Serrifian army quickly and became the leader of the country by default in 1969 due to his promotion to Brigadier General.

At the fall of the regime held by General Pica in 1997, Minion was forced to flee San Serriffe due to court martial proceedings. After living in exile in Mozambique for 12 years, he returned to his homeland as a full General where he now rules with despot like efficiency.

Alliance Affiliation[]

For the first two weeks of his rule, Minion tried in vain to get a coalition of like minded dictators together and form the Banana Republic. He was unsuccessful and eventually alligned his fledgling nation with SNAFU to ensure its stability and growth. After only three days, Minion re-alligned his nation with The Corporation.

Just under a fortnight later and with the encouragement of another ruler, Minion again tried to start the Banana Republic only to be left stranded when said ruler fled after a tech raid. With San Serriffe defenceless, the nation was raided itself and after a week in BR he shifted alliances to Death Before Dishonor.

After another hiatus Minion returned to the CN community, becoming a member of The Grand Lodge of Freemasons.

Decorations and Awards[]

With the onset of the Second Unjust War, General Minion led his nation into battle under the DB4D flag. San Serriffe was subject to multiple nuclear strikes in the conflict but Minion pushed on regardless. Due to his loyal and valiant efforts he was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart by the Supreme Commander of DB4D, Aryan83 as well as receiving the Combat Infantryman Badge.