The Gendarmerie Amazóniki is a military institution of Amazonas in charge of public safety policing both the military and civilian population. The Gendarmerie cooperate with the Segurité National of Amazonas in the law enforcement when it is required.

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Its mission is asigned by the Internal Security Act of 1960 and the Federal Constitution with the following tasks:

1.The policing of the countryside, rivers, coastal areas, and small towns with populations under 10,000, that are outside of the jurisdiction of the Segurité Nationale. About half the Amazon population is under the direct jurisdiction of the Gendarmerie.

2.Criminal investigations under judiciary supervision.

3.Crowd control and other security activities.

4.The security of airports and military installations, as well as all investigations relating to the military, including foreign interventions.

5.Participation in ceremonies involving foreign heads of state or heads of government.

6.Provision of military police services to the Amazon military

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