Gen. Noble is the leader of the former nation of Calamus and the current nation of Htown.

During his ruling of the nation of Calamus he was a member of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization for approximately two years before leaving to help found the alliance the Order of Feudalistic Security. After deciding to leave OFS he returned to GATO until deciding to found his own alliance, Royal Ardor Monarchy. After reaching 30 members he left the alliance with his co-founder Rebel Princess and returned once again to GATO. After nearly 4 years on Planet Bob he made the decision to leave Cyber Nations altogether due to real life commitments.

List of Awards:

  • 2x Global Alliance Distinguished Service Cross,
  • Silver Star,
  • 3x Bronze Star With Valor,
  • Civilian Service Medal,
  • Humanitarian Award,
  • 2x ZI Ribbon

Wars fought:

Positions held in GATO:

  • 3x Congressman,
  • Deputy Assembly Chairman for Defense,
  • Brown Team Senator,
  • Ministry of Defense Chief of Staff,
  • Assistant Minister of Defense,
  • Division Commander,
  • 4x Battalion Commander,
  • Company Supply Sergeant,
  • 2x Platoon Commander,
  • 2x Platoon Adjutant,
  • 2x Ministry of Defense General Staff,
  • 2x Deputy Minister of Finance,
  • GATO Academy Professor,
  • Head Mentor,
  • Deputy Minister of Domestic Affairs,
  • Ambassador to The United Front

Other Accomplishments:

On April 13, 2014 Gen. Noble returned to planet bob and once again returned to GATO, home sweet home.

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