Gavin Jones

In office
29th May 2008 – present
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent

Head Industrialist
In office
13th September 2010 – present
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by Incumbent

Born 2 December 1993
CW Flag St Helens, UPCW
Nationality United Provinces
Political party Clinkham Wood National Party
Residence Government House
Profession Historian
Religion Church of the Provinces

Gavin Jones is the current Stadtholder of Clinkham Wood, and the nation's founder. Following the establishment of a federal government, Gavin Jones was crowned as the nation's monarch.

Before coming to the German Empire, he was Prime Minister of the British Empire, a small alliance of 10 members. The British Empire, however, went through a tubulent period of mass walkouts and deletions, so on March 12th 2009, he declared the British Empire defunct and fled to the safety of the German Empire. Now a proud, loyal and hardworking member, he has been in two Government positions since he joined, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Propaganda. He has since become the Head Industrialist, the department in charge of maintaning and updating the German Empire's wiki.

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