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Established 12/5/2007
(4,598 days old)
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New Pacific Order
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Since 01/16/2008 (4,556 days)
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Gankwanker joined Cyber Nations in December 2007. Despite knowing about the game for over a year (he knew someone who played it) - and creating a nation in December 2006 - he had never really gotten in to it. With a year going by, Gank still remembered the name and had the links on his computer.

New Pacific OrderEdit

Having experience in the military, Gank was interested in structure and organization. For him, the ideals of the New Pacific Order as well as the leadership and comradery made it the obvious choice. The NPO was the only alliance which Gank wanted to ally his nation with.

Career in the Order Edit

His first position was with the Recruitment Corp. After enjoying the work there, Gank moved on and worked on getting in the Praetorian Guard. After some hard effort, his work ethic was noticed and he was invited to join. Gank also joined the PCIA towards the end of its life before it was merged with the Mentor Corp to create ACE, he continued his work there for a little longer before leaving the department. Gank was later invited into the Military Command where he became an NCO for Alpha, Delta and Omega. After impressing the MilCom staff, he was promoted to Lieutenant of Beta Battalion. Currently Gank also works for Military Intelligence and is the Assistance School Master for the academy.

Life in the Order Edit

For Gankwanker, life in the Order is good. For him, he particularly enjoys the work in MilCom. After having issues in RL, the opportunity presented to him was a welcome break and an honor to lead and mentor the newer members of the Pacific Order. For Gank, there are four members of the New Pacific Order who stand out among them all. RedCommunist who helped mentor him, Lord Valleo & JesseEnd who have been with him in the Military Command and Praetorian Guard. There is also Umbrae Noctem who serves as a great role model for him on military leadership.

Wars foughtEdit

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Gpawar2 · Wolfpackevenpinkercopy · GATO · GS
BDC · CIS · Mk1lw8 · Armageddon
Dhribbon6 · GrudgeWar

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