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Gaea is the fourth planet in the Gaea planetary system (formerly the Helion system). Gaea and its moon, Tethys, orbit around the star Phaëton (Phaethon in some texts), a Class II yellow star similiar to Sol, but is in fact younger than Earth's sun.

Gaea is terrestrial world capable of supporting human life. Covered with vast oceans and consisting of four continents, the planet is home to several billion humans. It is also home to a native species, the Rheans. The Rheans are similiar to humans in appearance, but with slightly lighter features such as their hair and skin tone. These creatures are intelligent, and are regarded as beautiful by the human inhabitants of Gaea (known as Gæans). The Gæans and the Rheans have almost completely integrated each other into one society.

The planet Gaea is orbited by one natural satellite, Tethys. Originally named Hecate upon its discovery, the moon was later renamed after one of the daughters of Gaia in Greek mythology. Besides Tethys, Gaea is also orbited by several artificial satellites, such as the Gaea-Tethys Space Centre, Gaea's version of Earth's Earth-Luna Spaceport.


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