Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 03/21/2012
Treaty Status: Active


As close friends already, we, the Alliances of the Global Protection Force and the Mulitcolored Protection Organization, hereby sign this PIAT to further strengthen relations between us.

Article 1: Non-AggressionEdit

We are quite friendly with each other so we both agree not to be aggressive to the other guys. If we have a problem we'll talk it out and work out our differences. If there is a rogue attack, we'll have a chat and sort out some reps.

Article 2: IntelligenceEdit

We both hear things. If either of us hears something about the other we agree to inform our friends instantly. We also won't spill each others secrets around the globe. You scratch our back, we scratch yours.

Article 3: AidEdit

We both like money and tech. We therefore agree to help each other out where needed and participate in tech deals with each other.

Article 4: UpgradingEdit

If we decide that this has worked well, then either party may suggest an upgrade. Normal rules apply for both alliances regrading treaties.

Article 5: RatificationEdit

We the undersigned hereby ratify this treaty on March 21, 2012.

/s/ for GPF

  • Colonel Brick - Secretary General.
  • xR1 Fatal Instinct - Deputy Secretary General
  • Get Sum - Minister of Defense
  • KingSamuel - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • CrackedMind - On Behalf of the Lower Quorum

/s/ for MPO

  • Chaosclanlord - King
  • Commander_ragnar - Lord of Defense
  • Xander420 - Lord of Internal Affairs
  • Chris - Lord of Economics
  • Jemmm - Lord of Foreign Affairs
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