GO for R&R at the bar

Guru Order
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Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 31/08/2010
Treaty Status: Cancelled

The GO for R&R at the bar Treaty is a MDoAP between the Guru Order and the R&R Alliance.

Preamble[edit | edit source]

This treaty reflects the numerous parties filled with alcohol and drugs experienced between the Guru Order and the R&R Alliance. Its signing is to signify the solidification of a strong relationship which has just begun to blossom between the two signatories.

Article 1: Sovereignty[edit | edit source]

Guru Order and R&R recognize that each party is different and they each have their own preference of beer.

Article 2: Communication[edit | edit source]

Guru Order and R&R have expressed friendship and a willingness to share beer. They will continue to act this way in all public forums and outlets towards one another. They will also inform each other of any intelligence or threats towards the other.

Article 3: Peace[edit | edit source]

It is agreed that no members of either signatory will declare war on a member of the other signatory, aid enemies of the other signatory, or engage in other actions which can be seen as a violation of peace.

If a violation of this clause occurs, both parties are encouraged to seek diplomatic means of solving the issue before cancellation.

Article 4: Assistance[edit | edit source]

An attack on one party is an attack on the other. If attacked, either party may ask for assistance from the other party, which is then expected to come to the immediate defense of the other militarily, financially, and diplomatically.

If either party declares an offensive war, assistance may be requested and is strongly encouraged, assistance is at the discretion of the other party.

Article 5: Cancellation[edit | edit source]

Either party may cancel this treaty by notifying the other party and adhering to a cancellation period of 72 hours in which this treaty will still remain valid.

Signatures[edit | edit source]

Signed on behalf of the Guru Order

  • The Guru Order Elders Council:
    • Mentor
    • Rodger Waldie
    • JmanofAus
    • Smokey78
    • Flapjackers
    • Coverzin
    • smontag
    • Lord Bendom
    • NearX
    • Empire of Gaia

Signed for R&R

  • Ego-Freaky, R&R Triumvir, Dutch !@#$%^&, and Official FOK spai
  • theArrowheadian, R&R Triumvir
  • LincolnC (Coe) R&R Triumvir
  • Stealthkill (Stealthy) Minister of Foreign Affairs and God-Emperor of R&R
  • Bongoshan Deputy of Foreign Affairs
  • juslen Minister of Interior
  • Andy_R Deputy of Interior
  • jjallen General of the R&Rmy
  • Dannyboy R&R Judge and Link to God
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