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GO RoK GOing from Strength to Strength

Guru Order
Flag of the Guru Order

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: 04/05/2010
Treaty Status: Active

The GO RoK GOing from Strength to Strength Treaty is a MDoAP between the Guru Order and Ragnarok.

Section 1: Communications[]

Ragnarok and the Guru Order have expressed friendship and cohesion and so will act this way in all public forums and outlets towards one another. They will also inform each other of any intelligence or threats towards the other.

Section 2: Peace[]

While this treaty is in effect, each party promises not to engage in hostilities with the other. This includes, but is not limited to, declaring on member nations of the other signatory, spy attacks against the other signatory and/or inciting other alliances to attack the other signatory.

If a violation of this clause occurs, both parties are encouraged to seek diplomatic means of solving the issue before cancellation.

Section 3: Sovereignty[]

Ragnarok and the Guru Order, while acknowledging their friendship of each other, agree that each party is separate and sovereign from the other.

Section 4: Assistance[]

An attack on one party is an attack on the other. If attacked, either party may ask for assistance from the other party, which is then expected to come to the immediate defense of the other militarily, financially, and diplomatically.

If either party declares an offensive war, assistance may be requested. While encouraged, assistance is at the discretion of the other party.

Section 5: Cancellation[]

Either party may cancel this treaty by notifying the other party and adhering to a cancellation period of 72 hours.


Signed on behalf of the Guru Order

  • Guru Order Elders Council:
    • Mentor
    • Rodger Waldie
    • Smokey78
    • JmanofAus

Signed on behalf of Ragnarok

  • Van Hoo III, Emperor
  • Tautology, Regent
  • Jekalle, Vice-Regent
  • Kinzer, High Chancellor
  • Rampage3, Vice-Chancellor
  • Valtamdraugr, Consul
  • Joe Stupid, Lord of Foreign Affairs