GOP Protection Agreement

Viridian Entente
Flag of Viridian Entente
Green Old Party
Flag of the Green Old Party

Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: November 20, 2012
Treaty Status: Active

With the dissolution of the United Jungle Accords, the GOP's protectorate was transferred to the Viridian Entente. The treaty was announced on November 20, 2012.

Treaty TextEdit

Article I: PreambleEdit

In the spirit of good will, prosperity, and longtime friendship, the Viridian Entente (henceforth referred to as VE), and the Green Old Party (henceforth referred to as GOP) do hereby recognize this protectorate agreement as official and agree to all terms and conditions therein. They recognize that the GOP shall remain a protectorate of VE, even in the event of the dissolution of the United Jungle Accords.

Article II: ProtectionEdit

In any instance where the GOP finds itself in an unprovoked defensive war, VE agrees to offer all necessary assistance to ensure the GOP's protection and well being. Should the GOP be the provoker in a conflict, VE may offer its assistance at its own discretion. The GOP, at its own discretion, can offer assistance to VE in the event that the GOP's Don't Tread on Me Accords might allow for such action.

Article III: CommunicationEdit

Both the GOP and VE agree that communication is key to any relationship. Both parties will continue to keep each other up to date on all important information. Both parties agree to keep each other informed about any foreign affairs decisions they may make that could otherwise impact the other, but with the understanding that both the GOP and VE are autonomous, sovereign alliances - capable and encouraged to make decisions in keeping with their own self-interest when not otherwise bound by this agreement.

Section IV: EconomyEdit

The Viridian Entente and the Green Old Party hereby enter a relationship wherein both parties agree to help the other in building a strong economy by any reasonable means available. Both parties will grant each other preferred status in buying and selling technology at rates determined by mutually agreed upon supply and demand. Both parties will also grant each other preferred status as trade circle partners. The two parties also agree to assist in the election of a senator from each alliance, when reasonably possible.

Section V: CancellationEdit

Either party may cancel this agreement with 72 hours notice to the other party. During this 72 hours, the agreement remains completely in effect.

The Undersigned:Edit


For the Viridian Entente:
Goldielax25 , Lord of the Entente
WarriorConcept, Duke of the Entente
Deviousfairie, Secretary of State
Supreme142, Secretary of Defense
Baltus, Secretary of the Interior
Ging, Secretary of Economics

For the Green Old Party:
Rooman33, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs
Earl of Emyn Arnen, Triumvir of Military Affairs
Samwise, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

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