Date October 15–22, 2008
Casus belli ITA member attacking GGA member
Result ITA surrender
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Nebula-KoA War
Grand Global Alliance
International Tribal Alliance
Nations: 468
Total NS: 5,618,568
Nukes: 346
Average NS: 12,005
Score: 24.09

309,518 land
1,160,672 Infra.
198,895 tech
4,672,915 soldiers
214,867 tanks
1,012 cruise missiles
10,202 Aircraft
1,284 ships

Nations: 14
Total NS: 160,978
Nukes: 20
Average NS: 11,498
Score: 0.70

6,956 land
44,903 Infra.
3,635 tech
162,816 soldiers
11,640 tanks
171 cruise missiles
412 Aircraft
10 ships

The GGA declared war on ITA on October 15, 2008 after a member, wasupieboy, attacked an aligned GGA nation, Alpha Centri 4. Wasupieboy received aid from several alliances, noting that a $3 000 000 aid stated its reason was "TechDeal / WarAssistance" The GGA attempted to solve the problem diplomatically by asking ITA to expel wasupieboy from the alliance. The ITA claimed to do so, but they did not unmask wasupieboy from the ITA forums. After a week of negotiations, war was declared by the GGA. Wasupieboy has asked for reparations from the GGA for declaring war on him.


There is much debate over whether the GGA should have attacked the ITA. The GGA feel that the ITA is complicit in failing to punish wasupieboy properly for his aggression, and believe that even their comparatively small size does not excuse them, especially as they've existed too long to chalk their slight up to inexperience. The ITA and critics, however, say that the GGA did not adequately pursue a diplomatic solution, especially over what could easily have been a simple mistake, and some have gone on to accuse the GGA of bullying the ITA, seeing the tiny alliance as an easy source of tech and other resources.

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