The GATO-NpO recognition dispute, or pre-Halloween Tensions, broke out in CyberNations between two large alliances: GATO and NpO during late October 2006. During this dispute NpO was recognized by GATO as NPO's Blue Colony while GATO was in turn recognized by NpO as a puppet state of LUE and was refered to as LUE's Brown colony or LuE (Lemmings Under Evil). This also led to a attempted coup within GATO by a former member, Depraved.


This thread: Imperial Decree from the New Polar Order documents the unfolding event.

On page 14 Josef Thorne of the NPO (not to be confused with the NpO made a post on Oct 20 2006, 12:12 AM that summarized the situation at that time:

So, to clarify:
Grenval somehow gets elected, he gets flamed by ES, he tells the Orders that GATO has a super-secret double reverse disavowal of the NpO as an established alliance, even though NpO has an embassy at GATO HQ.
Then, Letum publicly states that now DO recognize NpO, but then says they don't and it will be voted on. Grenval resigns/is resigned, Letum resigns, for some reason Kaos, who "quit" CN with a dramatic flair, comes back and is made Deputy AC, and Beryl, the de facto head of GATO, cannot be found in any of the threads.
So now, GATO says they're going to vote to see if the NpO exists. A week has passed, no diplomatic moves are made toward the NpO, and no vote result as yet. Mind you, the vote is about foreign policy, which is not at all something the GA should be voting on. ES demands an answer, one way or another, and GATO cries foul, along with the usual barnacles who attach themselves to GATO's hull for the ride.

Most if not all responses to that post agree that it summarizes the situation.

New Polar Order UltimatumEdit

GATO must either restore recognition of the New Polar Order as a sovereign alliance or confirm its current unrealistic course of nonrecognition as official, permanent policy. If within 24 hours I have not received an official public statement from GATO restoring recognition to my alliance I will be forced to take further action.

Electron Sponge, Emperor of the New Polar Order

New Polar Order Response after Ultimatum is ignoredEdit

"On the 2nd of August I agreed on behalf of my alliance to a settlement to end the largest war ever fought. Among the terms of this settlement were nonaggression pacts with every major signatory alliance. Today one of those nonaggression pacts is no more. The New Polar Order hereby gives the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization four days notice toward the nullification of our nonaggression pact. We cite the following grievances:

  • Removal of recognition of the New Polar Order as a sovereign alliance, with no diplomatic notice as such.
  • Failure to respond to very legitimate concerns voiced by our government through both diplomatic and public channels regarding this issue.
  • Extremely poor treatment of official Polar representatives attempting to conduct business with GATO.
  • Constant provocative actions by high ranking GATO members, both public and private, against our alliance and our allies.

Furthermore, the New Polar Order disavows any recognition of "GATO" as a sovereign alliance. We will now view it as a puppet state of LUE and will conduct our affairs as such. Should the Brown colony wish to rectify this situation, their colonial government may contact me personally."

Support of the New Polar OrderEdit

The New Pacific Order hereby closes all GATO embassies and dissolves any diplomatic ties with the Global Alliance Treaty Organization. Members of GATO may still come onto our forum, but they will have no diplomatic status. The NAP that exists between our two alliances is now null and void and we serve upon the alliance the four-day notification to make it so.

TrotskysRevenge, Emperor of the New Pacific Order

I'll keep this short and sweet: Effective immediately, the GATO embassy on the GOONS offsite is closed, and their ambassador mask has been removed. Their blatant disregard of our allies' wishes cannot go unpunished. If GATO wishes to contact us for any reason, they may via the public area of our forums. We will not hold further discussions with anyone. about this situation.

—404Error of the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving

Response from the Global Alliance and Treaty OrganizationEdit

Support for the Global Alliance and Treaty OrganizationEdit

The National Alliance of Arctic Countries is shocked and disgusted at recent events which have transpired within a close ally of ours, the Global Alliance and Treaty Organisation. We condemn the behavior of former member and attempted tyrant Depraved and those who support his illegal coup. We recognize the democratic government organised in the new forums as the legitimate government of GATO and wish them luck during this trying time.

—TheBlitz, Vice-Protector of the NAAC

We are appauled at the attempted coup, and believe it was for the benefit of certain persons and not that of GATO as a whole.

—Australasia of the League of Small Superpowers


—kamichi, Co-Leader of the LUEnited Nations

We are happy to hear that the true GATO government, under the leadership of Letum, have established themselves on a new forum. We hope that this new place of business for GATO harbors the honorable and good natured members that made their former one so proud. May this democracy continue to flourish and thrive against the forces of dictatorship and authoritative violence.

—iLLUSi0N of the Coalition of Dark States

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