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Official Flag

Motto: The Sky Is the Limit
Active in Round(s): 15—
Team Color Black
Founder(s) Confusion and Dogbite
Founded 18th December 2010

King of Disguise:

King of Animals:

Commander of the Pacific Region:
Waffles & Ryan Greenberg

Commander of the Arctic Region:
Dark Wizard

Commander of the Atlantic Region:

AllianceStats.gif Statistics as of 20th February 2011

Total Nations 50
Active Nations 50
Percent Active 100%
Strength 53,949
Avg. Strength 1,079
Nukes 3
Score 16.23
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G-6 is a tournament edition alliance which was founded in Round 15 and is still running.

Declarations of Existence Edit

Round 15 Edit

Team Colour: Blue

During Round 15, G-6 signed up to the holiday cease-fire which later sparked controversy when they declared war alongside the Roman Empire on the Warriors and the WAPA. G-6 claimed that their involvement was valid because they didn't break the cease-fire as neither the Warriors nor WAPA was a signatory of the agreement; however, others saw it differently and as a result, G-6 withdrew from the agreement.

Later, G-6 declared war on both the Flying Kiwis and Lafayette Escadrille, which sparked the Great War of Round 15 as other alliances entered in defence of TFK and LE. Peace was eventually declared with the exception of the TFK/LE - G-6 front.

Towards the end of the round, G-6 declared war on the Warriors and the Champions, in defence of cats.

Round 16 Edit

Team Color: Black

Finished on top, and won the flag.

Round 17 Edit

Rolled by LE and Roman Empire

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