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4 June 2010

Referendum on the independence of Fusus et Avena from the Russian Federation. The total turnout of the referendum was 88.9%. 58.3 percent voted in favour and 41.7 against.

Prince Antonio Latinus declared independence and signed a treatment with The Phoenix Federation.

Adoptation of the hymn ("Symphonie" by German band "Silbermond") and temporary flag (the flag of The Phoenix Federation).

Antonio Latinus appointed the Cabinet (led by Nikita Bulatov), the Judge and the Mayor of Novograd.

5 June 2010

The Order of Fusus and Avena is established with four original members - the Sovereign Antonio Latinus (ex officio), Nikita Bulatov, German Morozov and Mikhail Veresk (for their merit during the independence referendum campaign).

6 June 2010

The bill for increased action against global warming is signed.

7 June 2010

The Fusus et Avena Declaration of Independence is adopted by Prince.

13 June 2010

The Constitution of Fusus et Avena is adopted by Prince.