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The Angelic Minister of Infromation.

The leader of GermanReich(DON'T see Germanreich)a communist leader,has had multiple Cold Wars,in which it has come out victouris.Last was with National Soviet,which ended in a stalemate.Now is working with past enimies.

The immagration Laws

1:Thy must be Communist. 2:Thy must respect the Government. 3:Thy must come legaly. 4:Thy must learn our speach and writing. 5:Thy must honor the allince. 6:Thy must not have "rod"in thy name. 7:Thy must have a visa. 8:Thy must pay taxes. 9:Thy must have exact change at crossing. 10:Thout shall turn thou cell phone off.(During all metings,movies,and church.)


A poster during a Cold War demanding foreigners to go somewere else.

Cold Wars

Cold Wars are happing every few days in GermanReich,their constant struggle for power is so obovious that some watch it like a movie.