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The Arctic Order
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The Frozen Angels[]

Part One: Preamble[]

We, the alliances of "Frozen Angels(FA)", in order to create a more peaceful sphere, do hereby sign these treaties of growth, aid, and peace.

Part Two: Economics[]

Article 1 Preamble The alliances of the FA agree to help each other promote growth through interaction and cooperation. The goal of economic success across FA will be a combination of a friendly competitive environment with potential to maximize profits. New alliances to the Bloc will have the opportunity to ensure themselves with a friendly pro-growth atmosphere.

Article 2 Alliances agree to a monthly growth competition. Participating alliances will challenge each other to gain the most combined national strength based on comparative percentage between the first and last day of each month. Statistics will be kept on the official FA forums and the winning alliance will proudly display a trophy on their own forum for bragging rights.

Article 3 Coordination of massive tech deals are encouraged to take place on the FA forum. An adviser from each participating alliances can coordinate amongst themselves to setup massive deals between the two alliances. Coordination is encouraged to be conducted on the FA forum, but can be achieved elsewhere.

Article 4 In the event an economic deal between the two FA alliances goes sour and a resolution cannot be met, one mediator will be appointed to ensure a peaceful conclusion to the matters.

Article 5 Alliances agree to maintain a free trading market on the Signatories Team Therefore:

A. Signatories of this treaty agree to encourage their members to trade freely with members of other signatories that have needed resources.
B. No signatory of this treaty will discriminate against members of other signatories in trading solely because they are from a different alliance or team.
C. The signatories agree to work together to provide the best trades possible for their respective members and fellow signatories.

Part Three: Information[]

Article 1 The Signed signatures indicate that the member alliance shall share all information that is deemed nessecary to protect the Soverignty, well being, and Safety of all and/or specific member alliance(s)