Irish Drunkfaces

National Flag
Great Seal
"Get To Work"
Capital City Guinness
Official Language(s) English
Established 2/29/2008
Nation Team Red team Red
Currency Currency Pound Pound

Alliance history Edit

Following his friend, PotFace, Frodark joined the New Pacific Order as an applicant in February 2008. Fresh out of the Academy, he knew he wanted to be an Artist for the Order, and a Squad Leader of Enforcer.

After that Frodark went on to become a Graphics Editor, Mentor, Academy Instructor, Recruiter, Field Agent and Diplomat. His Squad Leader duties caused him to form the Black Hand Squad as an Enforcer sister squad, when Enforcer became too big for one squad. Following PotFace's actions upon leaving the Order, Frodark merged Enforcer and Black Hand to form the Epic Squad.

As one of the more active artists, Frodark created many images and awards for the citizens of Pacifica. He led his squads in many wars and battles.

While PotFace disgraced the New Pacific Order, Frodark remained and with the new friendships of MaskofBlue, FiremanDave, and Z'ha'dum, Frodark found his own niche in the New Pacific Order.

After the Karma War, Frodark joined with his friends MaskofBlue, FiremanDave, and Callebaut to form the Order of Misfit Nations. His profession there was Guardian.

NPO professions Edit

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