A Short History

CN Join Date: August 17, 2006

Alliance History

The Prussian Federation: Joined August 27, appointed Assistant to the Chancellor around 5 September, Elected Minister of Outreach sometime thereafter (after withdrawing from 3 consecutive elections). Organized and founded the Pact of Steel (PoS), CN's first MDP web. Negotiated the merge between the Prussian Federation and the Volksleitung from early to Mid October. Resigned from the PrF after a coup by Jeorg Skywalker, and became the first member of Nordreich.

Nordreich: Joined (from the merge) October 13, immediately appointed as Reichsleiter in the Nordreich Senate. Immediately took over the job of organizing and negotiating Nordreich Foreign Affairs. Ran the Nordreich Foreign Ministry, essentially single handedly, from then until Emperor B arrived to take some of the burden. Appointed Rikskytter (Advisor to the Emperor) and essentially became the second most powerful member of Nordreich. Negotiated the Northern Defense Front between Nordreich, the Maroon Defense Coalition, and the United Global Order, the very first MADP web and Power Bloc. Resigned from Nordreich for reasons that have hereto been kept private.

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization: Joined December 23, appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the BenPG FA ministry about January 28 or so, served as such until the Second Great War and the GATO Crisis. Uncertainty and chaos in the GATO government lead to a controversial post on the OW forums stating GATO would fight on in spite of the illegitimately declared Ceasefire, overwhich BenPG was forced to resign. The statement was later deemed valid, and provisions in the GATO charter were made so that Deputies might make such decisions in times of need. Elected Minister of Foreign Affairs to GATO for the month of February, pioneered a much publicized reconciliation campaign with the NPO and the Initiative that faltered due to a failure to be re-elected (by one vote, Meinhoff having refused to vote for himself, claiming it to be dishonourable), and having been undermined internally. Resigned from GATO on the 1st of March.

The New Polar Order: Joined March 1, immediately allocated to the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Recruitment as an ambassador and team recruiter. Fought with distinction against NAAC during the Third Great War.

Banned from CN on April 7 in what has universally been deemed unjust and an example of MoD paranoia and mismanagement. The Ban sent CN in to a furor, and for weeks afterward CNers sported 'Save Meinhoff' signature banners, and protested vigorously to the MoD staff. Meinhoff is yet to be unbanned.

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