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Established 11/5/2006
(4,991 days old)
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New Pacific Order
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Don't annoy Freezerbite!

Freezerbite is a longer member of the New Pacific Order.


The nation of Poverbia was founded by Freezerbite in late 2006. When he was browsing the red team forum he came across a note that said the NPO was a red team alliance, and he happened to be on red team. Thusly, he altered his Alliance Affiliation to "New Pacific Order". However the Praetorian Guard spotted this, since he wasn't offically a member of the Order they spoke with him about it. Realising his error, Freezerbite resubmitted his application - he was then accepted and passed the academy and became a full member on April 24, 2007.

New Pacific OrderEdit

Freezerbite is known as one of the best cryptographers of the New Pacific Order. Even with a little time as member of the Order, he has risen fast. Holding a lot of important positions and being efficient in every single one of them, Freezerbite is known by his colleagues as “Excellent man to get the job done”. Nowadays, he is a Deputy of the Bank, a Praetorian, an Artist with Media and lastly a Faculty Dean in the Academy. He has held many other positions in the past, including some in the military command, intelligence, mentoring, diplomatic - virtually every department has seen Freezer enter their halls. He has run the Recruiting Corps with such determination and perseverance that it is now incredibly efficient. The same happened with the Trading Company (NPTC), a project that first was only idealized by the Order and that Freezerbite made it real.

Fighting bravely with his NPO comrades on the Unjust War, FAN-WUT War and on NPO-ONOS War, Freezerbite has been nuked several times and has anarchied and ZI’d more targets than he can count. For being loyal and efficient, his meritorious service within Pacifica's military didn’t get unnoticed; Freezerbite has been awarded the Pacifican’s Light, a very special award given to only two members in the alliance.

“Cryptographer FreezerBite is exceptional in MI, one of the best and quickest workers. Any time anyone, military or not, needed a Intel Brief of any nature, he is there. He has never complained of any task given to him no matter the difficulty. He has initiative and skill like no other.” - Umbrae Noctem

Freezerbite became the new Military Intelligence Director after the resignation of New Reverie. His outstanding performance in the field made this promotion possible - and as Intel Director it is the role Freezer is most proud of.


War HistoryEdit

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GATO · GS · CIS · Mk1lw8


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