Freetrade Federation
Motto "Nyoijizaianneichitsujo"

("Freedom to be peaceful")

Anthem "Rise" - Origa & Yoko Kano
Capital City Heinlein City
Language Japanese, English, Russian, German, and Mandarin
Ruler President Megami Kayabuki
Government Federal Republic
Alliance Fifth Column Confederation
Established May 5th, 2006
Population 7,085 Supporters
Currency The Dollar
National Tax Rate 28%
Resources Pig & Cattle

Freetrade Federation [1] is an older nation with citizens primarily of mixed ethnicity. It is ruled by an elected president for life with limited powers, with the greater degree of power residing in a directly elected assembly.

Executive powers of a very limited variety are vested in the office of President. The President is directly elected and serves until dead or they choose to resign. Actual power of the purse and legislation are solely the province of the elected Assembly with each district represented based on population, having no less than one representative and no more than 5. Supreme judicial authority is vested in the Federal Court of Highest Arbitration which is empowered to issue final and binding arbitration on all judicial matters. The three Judges of the Federal court are each chosen by a different method. The Chief Judge is directly elected, the Senior judge is appointed by the executive branch, and the Junior Judge is appointed by the Assembly. The present President is Megami Kayabuki.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]

Army[edit | edit source]

The Freetrade Federation maintains a volunteer only professional standing military called the A3F (Armed Forces of the Freetrade Federation) that serves as a single unified command for all Freetrade Federation military forces. Troops and armored assets comprise the A3F-GSDF (Armed Forces of the Freetrade Federation - Ground Self Defense Force.

The Freetrade Federation's constitution specificly rejects any right to wage offensive war. Thus military actions are limited to defensive operations either by the Freetrade Federation, or the Fifth Column Confederation alliance.

Air Force[edit | edit source]

Being a land-locked nation the Freetrade Federation has given the A3F-ASDF (Armed Forces of the Freetrade Federation - Aerospace Self Defense Force) the primacy that maritime nations give to their naval forces. Presently, F-100X, F-35, and B-52X aircraft predominate as well as numerous tilt-rotor VTOL transport aircraft.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The Freetrade Federation maintains a high level of technology for its size as this proves beneficial in peace and in military matters. Development of technology in the Freetrade Federation has gone down a very different path with the early development of steam powered computational engines during its very early history. As such, today the Freetrade Federation possesses abnormally high technology in the areas of computer science, cybernetics, medicine, aerospace, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, engineering, and materials science. In particular the development of advanced cybernetics has resulted in the predominance of partial and full cyborgs as the majority of the population.

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