A Free Trade Agreement, or FTA, is a type of interalliance treaty wherein the signatory alliances agree to favor each other's nations as technology trading partners, and to ensure that such trades are not broken.

FTAs are part of the non-military ladder of the Spectrum of Interalliance Treaties.


Free Trade Agreement Between Alliance A and Alliance B

WHEREAS the trading of technology can be a valuable engine of affluence, and

WHEREAS the population of Alliance A consists mostly of large nations, while the population of Alliance B consists mostly of smaller ones, and

WHEREAS establishment of friendly interalliance relations is mutually beneficial,

BE IT RESOLVED that in the interests of interalliance prosperity, Alliances A and B do hereby agree to the following conditions:

I. Alliances A and B shall grant to each other the status of Favored Free Trade Partner. Nations of Alliances A and B shall be encouraged to deal with one another during the arrangement of technology trades. To conduct such trades, Alliance A shall open its economic marketplace to Alliance B members.

II. Alliances A and B nations shall at all times, but especially during such technology deals, conduct themselves with mutual respect and decorum. In the event a nation taking part in a technology trade breaks contract and fails to pay its partner after receiving goods or money, Alliances A and B shall make every effort to work together peacefully towards a solution. All trade deals shall be insured by the banks of Alliances A and B, which shall be required to pay restitution to victims of broken contracts should other reasonable actions fail.

III. In order to guarantee against the appearance of a military association, this pact may be suspended in part or whole, at alliance-wide or individual-nation level, in the event of armed conflict involving any participating body. In such event new trades may be cancelled and payment for goods already received may be postponed until the conclusion of the conflict.

IV. This agreement shall not in any way infringe upon the political, military or economic sovereignty of signatory alliances. Alliances A and B are free to independently conduct their own affairs outside the specific context of this agreement.


For Alliance A

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For Alliance B

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