Free Quebec

National Flag
Bilrow is my friend
Capital City Viridia
Official Language(s) French
Established 2/17/2010
(3,658 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler Queen FQ
Alliance Og
Old Guard
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Green team Green
Statistics as of 08/01/2010
Total population 82,642
 67,142 civilians
 15,500 soldiers
Literacy Rate 100%
Religion Buddhism Buddhism
Currency Currency Franc Franc
Infrastructure 5,999.99
Technology 500.00
Nation Strength 25,279.970
Nation Rank 6,527 of 5,242 (124.51%)
Total Area 1,420.702 Earth icon
Native Resources Aluminum Wheat
Connected Resources Fish Marble Cattle Iron Uranium Spices Lumber Pigs Water Sugar
Bonus Resources Fastfood Beer Construction

Nation Information Edit

This is second incarnation of Free Quebec. Free Quebec is a proud nation with rich culture and history on the green team.

History Edit


In February 2010, on one bored night, Free Quebec was persuaded to create a nation again. Old guard sent so much aid into it that letting delete from inactivity was too rude. So the nation is still here and growing large again.


Great War III Free Quebec fought as member of Old Guard. We pummeled Pierce of NpO until he squealed like baby. It took two days. Green Civil War Free Quebec fought as member of Viridian Entente. The war was short, but bitter. As green teams senator, we ended up sanctioning several GGA government and members as retribution for illegal war.

National WondersEdit

April 2010: Federal Aid Commission May 2010: Stock Market June 2010: Social Security July 2010: National Research Lab

The AlliancesEdit

These are the alliances that are part of Free Quebec's strange history, good and bad.

Green Protection Agency Edit


GPA got FreeQuebec involved in the game. Before joining this alliance, it was an inactive nation just collecting taxes. We learned how to grow our nation and found a talent for recruiting here. We also made great friends with Shay, Bustylarue, Mike Sierra, Freds Dragon and Reyne. Things did not finish nicely here though. Patjenn betrayed many, and never had the spine to take responsibility.

Old Guard Edit


Free Quebec's alliance now, and destination after leaving GPA. It is a very friendly and laid back alliance.

Viridian Entente Edit

Flag of Viridian Entente

Viridian Entente is the one that Free Quebec became most immersed with because of real friends like Egore, Rudeboy and Ardus. It doesn't matter where the nation goes, the roots are Viridian ones and that will never change.



Hockey is national sport. Sidney Crosby is a national hero.


The army of Free Quebec is small and trained poorly.

The Air ForceEdit

Free Quebec has 60 beautiful planes with fleur-de-lis painted on the wings.

The NavyEdit

Free Quebec has no navy, and no plans to buy one.

The AgencyEdit

Free Quebec also has no spies.

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