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Fredrick Romanov
Fredrick Romanov

Fredrick Romanov during a campaign run in the Northern Jadukastat.

Assumed office
February 3, 2010
Preceded by Patrick Kingrichki

Minister of Representation: Northern Jadukastat
Assumed office
February 3, 2010
Preceded by David Holsinger

Born March 4, 1954 (age 70)
North Port, Crimea Iso
Spouse Penelope Clarke
Children Mary Romanov
Charles Romanov
Anthony Romanov
Edward Romanov
Arnold Romanov
Religion Roman Catholicism

Fredrick Romanov is a Jadukan politician whom currently serves as the Minister of Representation for the Northern Jadukastat. A strong opposer to Dmitry Oblastikov, Romanov unwittingly (and accidentally) booted then Representative and Minister of Culture David Holsinger from power in the February 2010 Jadukastag election.

Early life[]

The Romanov family has its roots in the North Port area.

Fredrick Romanov's father is a civil law notary, while his mother, Anne Romanov, is a celebrated historian and his youngest brother, Domonic, is a talented pianist.

Romanov lives with his wife, Penelope, and five children, Mary, Charles, Anthony, Edward and Arnold, in North Port.


Unlike many of Jaduka's politicians, Romanov was not a Crimean politician. He enjoyed reporting and writing about war and the military more than anything else. He followed the Crimean Armed Forces in exercises and warzones and wrote many books on the subject. With the dissolution of Crimea Iso, Romanov grew tired with the new Vauleo-Buryatian government and took a break from reporting and writing to be with his family and children.

For years he was a strong supporter of independence and, on January 14, 2010, he expressed interest in becoming a part of the new government. His hopes in his mother's reputation to propel him into politics, he was not given an appointed position by King Domo De Dovo. However, when elections were announced he immediately ran for the Representation Minister position of his native Northern Jadukastat.

Campaign and Election 2010[]

Throughout the campaign Romanov blasted then Prime Minister Dmitry Oblastikov for everything from wrong financial and economic policies to defense to culture issues. It was no mystery Romanov was running against Oblastikov. Throughout the campaign Romanov was given support by Patrick Kingrichki, then Minister of Defense.

When the numbers finally came through it was announced, to his and everyones surprise, Romanov had won the election. However instead of booting Oblastikov, Romanov booted then Representation Minister of the North Jadukastat and Minister of Culture David Holsinger.