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* ''The People's Council''
* ''The People's Council''

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Fraternal Accords


Treaty Type: Dual Membership Treaty
Treaty Signed: 2/08/2008
Treaty Terminated: 21/05/2009
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Fraternal Accords was a treaty of dual membership between the Union of Democratic Communist States and the Jamahiriya, announced on 2 August 2008. It became void upon the disbandment of UDCS on 21 May 2009.

Text of the Accords

Treaty and Terms of Dual Membership between the Union of Democratic Communist States and the Jamahiriya

Article I

Any member of the Jamahiriya or the Union of Democratic Communist States accepting these terms will be granted Dual Citizenship between the two alliances.

Article II

A Dual Member is entitled to voting rights in each alliance.

Article III

A Dual Member is entitled to hold public office in only one of the respective alliances, in order to prevent major conflicts of interest or other abuses of power.

Article IV

If a Dual Member loses citizenship status in one alliance, he retains his status as a member in the other.

Article V

A Dual Member must be prepared to fulfill the Treaties of both alliances.

Article VI

Dual Membership is completely voluntary, and members of the Jamahiriya and the UDCS who wish to remain sovereign of course are free to do so.

Article VII

To obtain Dual Membership, you must be a current member of one of the two signatory alliances, and request Duel Membership on the forums of the other alliance.

Article VIII

The nation with Dual Membership may use the AA of either signatory alliance in-game.


For the Jamahiriya

  • Al Ashtraki, Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution
  • Ksehersonos, Supreme Leader

For the Union of Democratic Communist States

  • The People's Council
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