The New Path[edit | edit source]

"All citizens are equal, yet some are more equal than others."

These words, my friends, are essential in regards to the formulation of a unified world. The masses must be controlled by a central figure, one who can be trusted to do right for the people and who their absolute trust lies. Only this individual can provide efficiency to the people, equip them and guide them for when they are either in peace or at war, and to unite the people(s) of the world under one banner. The banner of Truth. The Banner of Franz.

Franzism is based upon the ideals of freedom for the flock but guided by the firm yet well-informed hand of the shepherd. Those who undertake this doctrine choose their allegiances very carefully, consulting with the designated guide to determine how to proceed with certain groups of people. There are some people out there who are kind and generally respectful of others yet there are certain groups out there whose sole aim is to cause malice without any particular reason. Determining who the friends are and who the enemies could potentially be is a tough issue which can be resolved through discussion with the appointed representative.

Loyalty is a core component to the doctrine of Franzism. The representative of a Franzist society must be respected and followed no matter what the cost and those who turn their back on the teachings of Franzism must be wary of those who take the doctrine to heart. Comradeship must be shown during both good times and bad, especially if the inevitable slide to war occurs. All citizens shall stand side-by-side during conflict, not doing so is a betrayal to your fellow equals who shall protect you with their lives if war occurs. If conflict does occur, those who are wrapped up within it must put the future of Franzism first. Self-interest can be a dangerous thing and cowardice can lead to instability.

Franzism allows for all denizens under the watchful eye of the appointed representative to engage in trading resources and concepts with reputable people(s) on the grounds that Franzist secrets are not exchanged, for example; military drills, secret plans, bio-nuclear testing and the like. Those who spit in the face of those who provide staggering degree(s) of freedom must be punished appropriately. They must not be allowed to threaten the existence of Franzism.

If spread through traditional channels efficiently, Franzism shall help foster in a new Golden Age of honesty and decency. The 'Lulzist' doctrine of unsuppressed disregard to sovereignty and honour has tainted the world for too long. The degradation of the old morals has literally turned them into fine gold grains, near impossible to encapsulate anymore. Franzism is the way to a better tomorrow, may the world become united with the honest work of the people.

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