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Good evening Cyberverse,

Allow me to take but a few minutes of your time on the eve of more slaughter and destruction. You see, I am here in my official capacity as a member of the Triumvirate of Nemesis. Let me make this very clear to everyone, if you attack an ally of Nemesis, no matter what “side” said ally resides on then you will be at war with Nemesis. Nemesis doesn’t give a rats #@$ what “side” an ally is on, Nemesis signed a treaties to defend their allies and we will do just that.

Nemesis hereby enters a state of war with Valor and ARES for their attacks on SLCB, an ally of Nemesis.

My members tell me that Barix has previously stated his clear refusal to accept or recognize that Nemesis exists as an alliance; therefore …

draov and Bob Ilyani wanted to say “LOL Barix” “T-O-P, will personally accept the surrender of Barix and Jtkode” and Kataklizm the Great would like to add, “Go ahead and tell ARES that they aren't really being attacked, since Barix says we don't really exist.”

Have a nice evening,

Yawoo Triumvirate of Nemesis

PS: Nemesis has nukes, Nemesis will use nukes.

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