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Forite-TURA War
Date February 24—26, 2010
Casus belli TURA raid on Forite nations
Result Forite victory
Preceded by
GLOF-57th War
Succeeded by
Operation Clam Bake

Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy
158,957 NS

The Forite-TURA War was a war between TURA and the Forite Order of Raids and Anarchy. It came about as the result of a botched raid on the Forite capital nation and resulted in a Forite victory, with reparations paid.

Origins of the Conflict[]

The war started as a raid by SirPantalone against what he thought to be a weak, defenseless nation-Kythera. Because of this, the Tsar recognized a state of war on February 24, 2010—and the Forite Armed Forces were dispatched. In a joint effort, the government launched a pre-emptive assault on the rest of TURA's members, and counter-attacked the Shark Isles. Within half a day, the Shark Isles NS dropped from around 2400 to only 800, and they had lost 20 points of technology.

FORA Terms Halfway into the War[]

The following terms were sent to TURA before the counter-assault even began.

Your alliance has, by raiding the Tsar of the Forite Order, effectively declared war upon us. As a result, we are currently trashing your nations and jacking all your stuff. If you would like to not completely die at the hands of our rampaging internet war machine, kindly do the following:

  • Inform everyone in the Forite Order that you're fighting that you are surrendering via a private message ingame.
  • Offer peace to all Forite Order nations that you're fighting.
  • Send 50 tech to a FORA nation of our Alliance's choosing.
  • Never ever declare on any nation in the Forite Order for the rest of your existence.

Have a lovely day, dudes, and write back soon!

TURA's Responses[]

These were some responses to the Forite Order's offered terms.

To: Tsar Princeps From: Duffman795 Date: 2/24/2010 6:35:02 AM

Subject: hello

Message: $%&* you

To: Tsar Princeps From: SirPantalone Date: 2/24/2010 2:30:49 PM

Subject: RE: hello

Message: You guys take this game too

To: Tsar Princeps From: SirPantalone Date: 2/24/2010 2:32:50 PM

Subject: Btw

Message: How would I tell EVeRYONE in your alliance that I want to stop fighting, and why attack duffman if he did nothing wrong.

To: Tsar Princeps From: SirPantalone Date: 2/24/2010 2:41:56 PM

Subject: Why attack duffman...

Message: Why did you attack duffman? That makes no sense if I was the one that attacked you. Its not like he did anything wrong, and you are being a rogue too if you attack him and steal his stuff.

To: Tsar Princeps From: Duffman795 Date: 2/24/2010 2:45:02 PM

Subject: RE: hello

Message: no seriously $%&* you

From the diplomatic backchannels, such as they are, it seems evident that TURA has little understanding of the politics of rogue attacks, the collective responsibility of alliances in such situations, and no understanding of the notion that raiding alliances that are 30 times stronger than yours might end in heartbreak.

After the Initial Blitz[]

TURA lost 2000 NS in a single day, although their purchase of dozens of airplanes meant that the Forite Order was denied the skies. FORA continued to own the ground war, though, and steadily reduced TURA infrastructure at the rate of about 100 infra a day per nation.

Aid was sent from Rubik's Cube of the United Nations to Duffman795 of TURA, however, complicating an otherwise open-shut war. Discussions began regarding the status of the United Nations in the war, and FORA began bracing itself for a potential second front. This paranoia ran rampant amongst the High Command of the Forite military, and many preemptive Operations and contingency plans were drawn up. Illyich Zhukov, the Minister of War, personally contacted Rubik's Cube, and warned the nation to cease all aid towards the TURA Alliance. The Minister was prepared to launch a preemptive strike on the UN, if Rubik's Cube did not comply. However, it was unnecessary, as diplomacy prevailed.

Although FORA kept Poison Clan abreast of all major developments in the war, the war was fought on FORA's side without resorting to help from their protector.

Victory and Aftermath[]

TURA submitted to terms, surrendering 100 tech to FORA in exchange for peace. Duffman795 fled to United Purple Nations, who helped oversee the conclusion of the terms.

The war seems to have ultimately resulted in TURA's destruction, and the alliance affiliation is no longer extant.