The foreign relations of the Deltoran Republic are the countries or alliances that establish formal relations with the Deltoran Republic. The DR is a current member of the Random Insanity Alliance, so all members of the RIA are allies of the DR. Nations can establish relations as well.

Random Insanity AllianceEdit

The RIA is the current alliance of the Deltoran Republic, and after being denied by TGE and preparing the apply of ODN, the DR joined the RIA, and they welcomed the DR into their alliance. The DR is curently the RIA diplomat to the IRON and TOP.

Nation-to-nation relationsEdit

United States of JBREdit

United States of JBR
Flag of JBR
Capital: JBR City

Relations began with JBR in early May, when the DR was accepted ito STOP. Even before this, Deltora aided JBR with their civil conflict and the war on terror.The DR and the JBRican States have established embassies in the other's country, and consolates are planned to be constructed. The Deltoran Republic recently has aided JBR with its campaign to stop the Calico Pirates in the Caribbean.

Pacific EmpireEdit

Pacific Empire
Capital: Jaegar Kindgom
  • DR Ambassador to Pacfic Empire: Felipe Verspai
  • Pacific Ambassador to the Deltoran Republic: Allan Diomendez

The DR and the Pacific Empire began relations in mid-May,2011. The Deltoran Republic has constructed an embassy for the Pacific Empire in Ociania and a embassy is under construction in Jaegar Kingdom.

Union of MidwayEdit

Union of Midway
South Africa
Capital: Aldebaran
  • Deltoran Ambassador to the Union of Midway: Matthew Jones

The Deltoran Republic and the Union of Midway began conducting formal relations on May 10,2011 when the Deltoran Republic constructed an embassy on Delor Square, Ociania, DR. Construction is ongoing on the Deltoran embassy in Aldebaren.


The Sunshine Treaty Organization Pact is a bloc at the nation-level that the DR joined in early May,2011. The DR is active in assisting other STOP signatorys in civil conflicts and anti-terror conflicts.

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