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At it's founding the Soviet Union was considered just another Leftist alliance that would fail and as such as not given much of a chance at Foreign Relations by most alliances. About three months later, not only had the Soviet Union established diplomatic relations with most of the other leftist alliances but had gained a protectorate treaty with The International and respect on the Red sphere.

The Soviet foreign policy has always been one of peacful coexisitence, usualy meaning peaceful government-to-government relations with capitalist states. Majority of the alliances formal relations are with the other leftist alliances in CN and majority of the rest of the alliances on Red. Though in recent months the Soviet Union has exstended it's Foreign range onto other speheres such as Blue,Grey and White.

Most Notable Relations[]

The International[]

Soviets relation with The International is self explainatory. Shortly after their formation the Soviets signed a Protectorate with INT. Since then the two alliances have shared a good relationship though the "Solidarity Controversy" did hurt the relationship somewhat. INT also voiced concerns over the Soviet Union joining the Warsaw Pact with the Union of Communist Republics. However these incidents didn't damage their good realtions beyond repair. Most recently the INT showed much support for the Soviets during the Depression they recently went into to.

Socialist Workers Front[]

One of the Soviet Union's main allies, The strong relations between the USSR and the SWF are well known. Shortly after their founding the Soviet Union and the SWF formed good relations. Their alliance grew even closer after both alliances worked hard to re-form the Warsaw Pact, also both have been members of two other blocs. A economic bloc with USCN, Roman Empire and the European Union, most recently both became members of Solidarity. Though controversy over the Solidarity issue and most notably the USSR cutting off relations with anotehr bloc member United Earth Directorate caused problems. As of late 2009 relations between the SWF and USSR have grown even more strained since the coupe pulled by Anubis and the current Soviet regime.

Union of Communist Republics[]

In late 2009 the Soviet Union began to form close relations with the UCR. Formal relations began when the USSR invited the UCR to become members of the re-formed Warsaw Pact. Dispite opposition from their protectors the International the USSR along with the SWF signed the treaty with UCR. More recently talks of the two allainces coming together as a merge have had many talking in the world of CN. The UCR showed much support of Anubis and his current regime overthrowing the former government.

List of USSR Foreign Relations[]

Alliance Sphere Treaties Notes
The International
Orange Protectorate
  • INT has an Embassy in Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union has an embassy in INT.
  • Both alliances have a tech deal.

The Soviet Union shares good relations with it's Protectors. There was some slight tension over the USSR getting involved with the Solidarity bloc. However things have sense blown over, The International supported the USSR's choice to cut ties with UED. They have also shown support to them during the Depression.

ICSN flag
Socialist Workers Front
Red ToF, 2 blocs See Solidarity
  • SWF has an embassy in Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union has embassy in SWF
  • Both are members of the Warsaw Pact

Relations have recently been damaged due to the issues between the Soviet Union and the United Earth Directorate. Also the overthrow of CavalierCuddles by Anubis and the new regime greatly concerned the SWF. Despite these events the two alliances remain close allies.

The Russian Empire
White PIAT See Cold War
  • Both alliances shared a NAP treaty before upgrading relationsand the treaty to a PIAT.
  • Russia has a embassy in Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union has an embassy in Russia.
New Polar Order
Blue none
  • Soviet Union has an Embassy in NpO.
  • Polaris has an embassy in Soviet Union.
Flag of the Union of Communist Republics
Union of Communist Republics
Red Warsaw Pact
  • Both alliances are in discussions for a possible merge.
  • Soviet Union has a Embassy in UCR.
  • UCR has an embassy in Soviet Union.

Both these alliances have recently built closer/stronger relations. Talks of duel membership and even a merge have taken place recently. The UCR's show of support during the Soviet Depression has also help warm relations.

UED new
United Earth Directorate
Red Solidarity See Solidarity

Curent Relations between the Soviet Union and UED are in a bad state. In the highlight of the WF-UED War the USSR cut off relations with them. This caused much controversy in the Solidarity bloc and abroad. However in the recent events surrounding the overthrow of the previous Soviet regime. On December 13, 2009 the Transitional Government of the USSR re-opened relations with UED.

New Pacific Order
Red none
  • Pacifica has an embassy in Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union has an embassy in Pacifica.
Red none
  • Nevermore has an embassy in Soviet Union.
Flag of the Libertarian Socialist Federation
Libertarian Socialist Federation
Pink none
  • LSF has an embassy in Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union has an embassy in LSF.

Recently the LSF rejected the offer to join the Warsaw Pact. However they have shown interest in forming better relations with the USSR.

Mushroom Kingdom
Aqua none
  • Mushroom Kingdom has an Embassy in Soviet Union.
Grey Council
Grey NAP
  • Grey Council has an embassy in Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union has an embassy in Grey Council.
Federation of Allied Republics
Blue none
  • Soviet Union has an embassy in FAD.