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Foreign Relations in Jaduka officially began with the Isara Alliance when an embassy was established in both countries exchanged embassies on May 16, 2010. Since then, the Jadukan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has worked to create official relations with many countries.


The Jadukan Foreign Relations Mission (JFRM; pronounced Jay-Firm) was a program started by the Jadukan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an attempt to create and maintain various foreign relations with nations around the world. JFRM also commissioned the construction of key infrastructure including the embassy/consulate buildings on Arefu Lane in Jadukagrad.

Current Embassy Buildings[]

All embassy/consulate buildings are located in Jaduka on Arefu Lane.

Current Diplomatic Missions[]

The Isara Alliance[]

Ambassador Brian Regan

Ambassador to Isara Brian Regan

Jadukan Ambassador to the Isara Alliance: Brian Regan
Isaran Ambassador to the Kingdom of Jaduka:
Location of Jadukan Embassy:
Location of Isaran Embassy: 1 Arefu Lane, Jadukagrad

Diplomatic relations between Isara and Jaduka officially began on May 16, 2010 and were the first official relations between Jaduka and any other country.