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Bowasia is in black, countries which Bowasia has formal relations with are in blue and disputed areas are in pink.

Bowasia's has relations with at least one nation from every continent (except Antarctica).

North AmericaEdit

Canada Canada - Canada was one of the first nations to recognize Bowasia as an independent country and has since has had good relations with them.

Flag of Mexico.svg Mexico - Relations with Mexico have been overall neutral but the two countries do share a trade agreement.

Texas.svg Texas - While both Texas and Bowasia were both formed at roughly at the same time, relations did not begin until somewhat recently. So far, relations have been very good, as they are both conservative right-wing nations.

Flag of JBR United States of JBR - JBR and Bowasia have shared very good relations since their founding. Relations have been slightly strained at times, mostly due to JBR being a left-leaning nation and Bowasia being a right-leaning nation.

South AmericaEdit

Banderacopia Antioquia - Relations between Bowasia and Antioquia were good until September 11, 2012 when Antioquia declared war on Morocco. Bowasia declared war on Antioquia several days later and severed relations

Argentina Argentina - Relations with Argentina have so far been neutral. Although, Bowasia has criticized Argentina's actions regarding the Falkland Islands.

Brazil Brazil - Both Brazil and Bowasia's Catholic heritage have contributed to a close relationship leading to a trade agreement and many other friendship treaties


France France - Since France and Bowasia are both nuclear weapons states, they share many defense-related treaties.

Finland Finland - Trade between Bowasia and Finland have been strong, primarily dealing with coffee and other high-caffeine beverages.

Greece Greece - Relations began on January 31, 2007 and have been close ever since. The two share a economic treaty and a trade agreement.

Germany Germany - Relations with Germany have been strong thanks to exellent work from Bowasia's and Germany's ambassadors.

Italy Italy - Italy is Bowasia one of Bowasia's best allies, economically speaking and defensively speaking. The two share a defense pact and several economic development treaties.

Norway Norway - Bowasia maintains several army bases in the Bowasian Army's Antarctic regions located in Norway. Other than this, Bowasian-Norwegian relations have been generally neutral.

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