Forbidden Honor
Protectorate of the Christian Coalition of Countries
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founded 07/04/11

Ruling Body

  • Jumpinjakers4- Sensei
  • Open- Samurai of FA
  • SteveC1994- Samurai of Military
  • AsianLeader- Samurai of IA
  • Zigil Mayers IV- Samurai of Economics

AllianceStats Statistics as of 2/22/2012

Total Nations 18
Strength 253,572
Avg. Strength 15,087
Nukes 25
Score 1.25

Forbidden Honor (FH) is a Blue team alliance that was founded on July 4, 2011.

Forbidden Honor HistoryEdit

The Forbidden Honor alliance was founded on July 4, 2011 by AsianLeader of AsianLand, Mikestheman8 of Quail, Justcause54 of the Republic of Vietnam, and Queenhexa80 of the SpartanFederation. In the first 2 months of its existence, Forbidden Honor has grown from the initial 4 members to 16.

There are 2 branches of the Forbidden Honor government. The Ruling Body and the Council. The Ruling Body is lead by the Sensei, the political head of the alliance. He/she is elected upon directly by the Forbidden Membership every 2 months. They appoint 4 Samurai (1 for each department) when they are elected. The Council is the comparable Senate to the Ruling Body. They are the balance of power, and are also elected upon by the membership. The Council is made up of 3 members elected upon every 2 months, opposite of the Ruling Body, so there is an election every month alternatively.

They have kept to themselves during this time only having the protectorate treaty with CCC. Though currently small, Forbidden Honor will increase in membership, strength, and foreign relations.

Government OfficialsEdit

Forbidden Honor has 2 branches of elected government. The first is called the ruling body. The Sensei is the one who is elected at this position. During the debates the candidates will say who their Samurai are for each department. There are 4 Samurai in Forbidden Honor, 1 for each department (Military, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Economics).

Ruling Body of Forbidden Honor
Branch Office Holder Nation
Alliance Head Sensei JumpingJakers4 [ Sonicville
Samurai of Foreign Affairs Samurai
Samurai of the Military Samurai SteveC1994 New France
Samurai of Internal Affairs Samurai AsianLeader AsianLand
Samurai of Economics Samurai Zigil Mayers IV Arakki Dynasty

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