The For the Love of God, Think of the Children! Convention was a multilateral treaty barring first strike nuclear attacks. It was in use for over a year, from the period before Great War II until January 18, 2008 when its last two signees dissolved the treaty.

Treaty TextEdit


The undersigned alliances, wishing to prevent the escalation of conflicts into nuclear warfare, and the horrifying devastation it brings to direct participants and innocent third parties, proudly commit to the For The Love of God, Think of the Children! Convention.

Article I.Edit

Each signatory joins this Convention individually, as a unilateral solemn commitment to its principles and intentions. This document does not constitute an alliance or pact between the signatories. All alliances are encouraged to add their support to this document, irrespectively of the status of their diplomatic relations with other signatories.

Article II.Edit

The signatory alliances pledge never to initiate nuclear aggression against any enemy, unless said enemy engages in nuclear aggression against them.

Article III.Edit

A. Any nuclear attack against a member of a signatory alliance is regarded as nuclear aggression against the whole alliance. If demanded by a mutual defense treaty, said attacks may be considered as nuclear aggression against other signatory alliances as well.

B. If the nuclear aggressor is a member of an alliance, and said alliance does not promptly expel said member from their ranks, the whole alliance shall be considered the nuclear aggressor.

Article IV.Edit

A. Nothing in this Convention shall be interpreted as limiting the right of signatory alliances to build or hold nuclear weaponry.

B. Nothing in this Convention shall be interpreted as limiting the use of conventional weaponry against any enemies.

C. Nothing in this Convention shall be interpreted as limiting the scale or form of rightful nuclear retaliation, from the moment the enemy launches the first nuclear weapon until the formal cessation of hostilities.

Article V.Edit

Should a signatory alliance violate Article II, their membership of this Convention is automatically revoked. Other signatories are encouraged to abandon diplomatic ties with the aggressor.


For the Legion: Withdrew from Convention on 1/18/08
Reformentia, Prime Minister
Korlus, Deputy Prime Minister
Fonzoland, Foreign Minister
VL Empire, Minister of Defense
Miemalkonnen, Home Minister

For the Brotherhood of Sovereign States: Disbanded
President Pierce, Sheik
Crazy Luigi, Caliph
Vaylen, Sultan of Truth
Lysdexia, Sultan of the Sword
Jonthecheet, Sultan of the Crown

For the Coalition of Dark States: Violated treaty during GWIII
Filipinoboi122, Co Leader
Rambo, Co Leader

For the Federation: Disbanded
Truth, President
Bladiblitz, Vice President
The Korean, Minister of the Interior
Cheyenne, Ambassador to the Legion

For the Grand Global Alliance: Withdrew from Convention on 6/15/07
Kevin the Great, Foreign Minister and Triumvir
ALdbeign, Speaker of the Na'Hir and Triumvir

For the Green Protection Agency: Withdrew from the Convention of 4/2/07
Mary the Fantabulous, President

For the League of Small Superpowers: Withdrew from Convention on 1/18/08
Nidhogg, Consul

For the National Alliance of Arctic Countries: Withdrew from the Convention on 2/18/2007.
Bobsevilempire, Protector
The Holyone, Patrician
Cox, Minister of Interior

For the New Pacific Order: Withdrew from Convention on 6/15/07
Ivan Moldavi I, Emperor
8th Alliance Council:
Lafiel, Empress of Lakfakalle

For the New Polar Order: Withdrew from convention
Electron Sponge, Emperor

For the Team Allied Guardians Alliance: Alliance dissolved.
Tulak Hord, President
Amazonian Beasts, Vice President
King IB, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Chillax with Max, Elite Commander

For the Union of Consolidated Leftist Nations: Merged with Entente of the Sun
First Council of the UCLN

For the Viridian Entente: disbanded
Peeko, Lord
Cornelius, Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the Volksleitung: disbanded
Kaiser Martens, Volksleiter
Sigmund A. Ceowulf, Head of Internal Security
Karl Donitz, Volksleitung Volksfuhrer
Magnus Nordir, Volksleitung Volksfuhrer
Vladimir Nikanor

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