For Egg War
Date June 2nd, 2021 - Present
Casus belli For perceived hostile actions against Boognish from NG
Result Ongoing
Preceded by
Easter War

Boognish.png Boognish

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The Phoenix Federation (2nd)

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Ordo Cyberneticus

Non Grata

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  • TPFflag.png Kapleo
  • Kashmir War Flag.jpg SirWilliam
  • Ordo Cyberneticus war flag.png Martialis
  • Ngwar.png Stewie & Kerschbs

For Egg War was a war between the forces of Boognish and the forces of Non Grata. Boognish claimed that NG had supposedly continually made OOC (out of character) attacks against them. The tensions between the two spheres first started after a power vacuum in COBRA opened after Johnny Apocalypse suddenly resigned and Lyanna Mormont left COBRA and retained her membership in Non Grata.


In late February 2021, Johnny Apocalypse, then King of COBRA, fueled by Jason8, started questioning the loyalty of his advisor, Lyanna Mormont. Johnny had come to believe that she was amassing too much power for herself as she was doing the trades for most of Boognish. She was told to turn over trades to Johnny so they could be done by Jason8 and Johnny together "to avoid overworking or burning out any one person." Since Lyanna was doing the trades for Boognish and Non Grata, she seperated the trades out since they were mixed. This caused trades to be cancelled and rearranged. Johnny and Tiki got very upset about this. She turned over the trades to them as a result. In that same fight Johnny brought up a lot of OOC accusations that he claimed were being repeated by many different people. The fight between Johnny and Lyanna boiled over into the COBRA gov channels in their discord server. Johnny was called out there for his behavior and Tiki offered Lyanna the throne of COBRA. She told them that she needed to think about it given the past 24 hours. Over the next 24 hours, Johnny and Lyanna continued to argue with each other, which got ugly. Johnny shared screens with Tiki that were not allowed to be shared. This cemented the fallout between Johnny and Lyanna. Lyanna told Tiki that she would not take the Kingship of COBRA because she did not want to leave Non Grata, as she was a dual member, and that she would never turn her back on Non Grata. Both of Lyanna's parents were members of Non Grata in the past, so Non Grata considered her a dual member. Eventually she left COBRA and joined Non Grata in game. After Lyanna left, Johnny was confronted about this by Legend, & Crinkledstraw and was forced to resign. Which led to the collapse of the COBRA government on February 28th, 2021.

After Lyanna left COBRA, COBRA and Boognish started making OOC attacks against her and other members of Non Grata. It got to the point where the 2 sides decided to have a summit to try and work out their differences. The summit was mediated by Canik, King of the Freehold of The Wolves. At the end of the summit, both sides agreed to sign a Non Aggression Pact and to stop making OOC attacks against each other.

However, in late May 2021, dane0, a member of Non Grata's government, made an OOC attack against Johnny Apocalypse, who at the time had come back to Cyber Nations, and was serving as an Elder in COBRA, on the OWF. Johnny claimed that the only person that he had told about his OOC problems was Lyanna, however it was revealed that Johnny told Stewie that it was his OOC problems which caused Johnny to attack Lyanna. Johnny gave an OOC reason for his IC actions against Lyanna, which means they are impossible to even discuss without breaking the rules of CyberNations. While dane0 was out of line, Johnny was the one that opened the door for the attack. Dane0 would later apologize to both Johnny and Mochi. Stewie made an official apology to Boognish and Johnny on May 27th, 2021. This OOC attack caused COBRA to cancel their NAP with NG and put them and Boognish on the warpath.


On June 2nd, 2021, COBRA, and the rest of Boognish (sans The First Order), declared war only on dane0, Caustic, Crinkledstraw, and Lyanna, believing this would not be viewed as an act of war against the whole of Non Grata.

On June 3rd, 2021, The First Order announced that they were staying neutral in the conflict.

After about 12 hours, Kapleo, Evil Overlord of The Phoenix Federation (2nd) announced that he would be disbanding TPF and leaving CN for good and encouraged his members to join FTW. In the ensuing power vacuum left in the wake of Kapleo's sudden resignation, Korlath took control of TPF and has sued for peace with Non Grata.

On June 4th, 2021, the God-Emperor of Non Grata, Stewie, was banned by CN Admin for violating CN's terms and conditions. He was quickly replaced by Kerschbs.

On June 7th, 2021, Korlath, Evil Overlord of TPF, officially surrendered to Non Grata, thus taking TPF out of the war.

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