FoB-Fatality Protectorate

Federation of Buccaneers

The FoB-Fatality Protectorate was signed between the Federation of Buccaneers and Fatality on 2 September 2009.

Text of the ProtectorateEdit

I. Protection, AIDS(if you want it...), advice?, and anything else both parties agree on,

II. FoB is a Delta Bravo free alliance... SO, collars down boys, be cool and remember wax is for candles not your face, chest and or unmentionables,

III. Thirty seven second cancellation notice,

IV. anything else I might have forgotten.

For the Buc bucs

  • Sonya Blade- Runz
  • Liu Kang- Sagha
  • Princess Kitana- Choader
  • Johny Cage- for the dead homies

For Fatality

  • Chancellor- ShawnS (prophecy)
  • Chancellor- jab07
  • Redarmy is our MoFa
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