Floyd began his Cybernations career in May 2008, joining the North Atlantic Defense Coalition in the wake of the BLEU-NADC war. He quickly moved to the Mostly Harmless Alliance, were he was seen as a fast riser amongst the ranks of the alliance, serving as Minister of Towels in October through December 2008, and overseeing a period of growth in in the alliance. He is noted for helping to make the economy of the MHA more efficient. Following his term as Minister of Towels, he was elected Triumvir, where he served during the first part of 2009, leading up to the Karma War. He served in the Inner Sanctum of the Continuum during that same period. After his term as Triumvir and retirement from MHA, he became the second ever recipient of the Triumvir's Award for Excellence, MHA's highest honor for service to MHA. He left the Mostly Harmless Alliance in April 2009 for the Order of the Black Rose, where he currently serves as Squire.

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