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Prince of Eleucea
Head of State
His Most Serene Highness
Flavios David Konstantinos
The Lion of Eleucea
Francesco II della Rovere.jpg
Imperial Prince of Eleucea
Reign 4 March 2013 - Still reigning
Coronation 5 March 2013, Church of Saint Konstantinos the Emperor
Predecessor (as President) Pierfrancesco Domìla
Regency Flavios Niketas Roland
Successor (as President)

Successor (as Prince)

Flavius Matteus

Himself (regained the power)

Emperor of the Romans
(Basileus kai Autokrator ton Rhomaion)
Reign 29 March 2014 - Still reigning
Coronation 29 March 2014
Predecessor Flavius Pierluigi Theodoros
Full name
Flavio Davide Costantino XIX Niceforo Giustiniano Alessio Teodosio
Imperial House Flavios Komnenos Angelos-Ducas Palaiologos of Byzantium
Father Flavios Perluigi Theodoros
Mother Flavia Carmen
Born Ancona, Italy
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic
Flavios David Konstantinos XIX Palaiologos
29 March 1998 - living
Francesco II della Rovere.jpg

Nickname the Lion of Eleucea
Place of birth Ancona,Italy
Allegiance Principality of Eleucea
Years of service 2013-today
Rank Supreme Commander of the Eleucean Imperial Army (Exarchos)
Commands Eleucean Imperial Army
Battles/wars War of the First Coalition against Eleucea,War of the Second Coalition

Monarchical styles of
Flavios David Konstantinos XIX
Reference style His Most Serene Highness
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style Your Most Serene Majesty

His Most Serene Imperial Highness ,the Prince Flavios David Konstantinos XIX of Eleucea, called the Lion of Eleucea, is the Ruler of the Principality of Eleucea.

A son of the Byzantine Imperial House of the Flavios Komnenos Angelos-Doukas Palaiologos, he became, after less than one month by his enstablishment, the Ruler of Eleucea, deposing the inept president Pierfrancesco Domìla, being supported by the people. He is respected by the Eleucean for his sense of duty and of the State and for his courage in the battlefield. He led the Eleuceans in the victorious War of the First Coalition, during the Eleucean Middle Age, when the Principality was the most powerful state in the whole server, and was the Hero and the Champion of the Eleuceans during the War of the Second Coalition, fighting at the risk of his life for his nation. He eventually survived to the War and led the Principality to reconquer the City, won a coup d-ètat and led the Principality to what i called Eleucean Renaissance.

Here there are some quotes:

"Maybe we won't survive this war, maybe this will be the

last day of Eleucea and of our Principality, but if they will conquer Eleucea, we'll leave them just a lake of blood, a lake of their blood. We'll protect our fatherland in this last ditch effort, and with the

help of God we'll save Eleucea! FOR THE PRINCIPALITY, CHARGE!"

-- Flavios David Konstantinos XIX, starting the charge.

"No Emperor should outlive his Empire."

-- Flavios David Konstantinos XIX, realizing that every single Eleucean soldier was dead and Eleucea was fallen.

"And now, it's the time to die with style."

-- Flavios David Konstantinos XIX, activating the self-destruction system.

Flavios David Konstantinos XIX Palaiologos
Royal titles
Preceded by:
Pierfrancesco Domìla
as President
Imperial Prince of Eleucea
Flavios Palaiologos
13 February 2013 - 11 September 2015
with Flavios Niketas Roland (12-13 September 2015)
Succeeded by:
Flavius Matteus
as President
Preceded by:
Flavius Matteus
as President
Imperial Prince of Eleucea
13 September 2013 - Still reigning
Succeeded by:
Still reigning