This article discusses the flags used by the Legion alliance, its government, and its members.

Alliance FlagsEdit

The Legion currently uses two flags, adopted June 6, 2006, by members of the Legion. Both flags utilize the same design created by Mariemaia Michalka of France. Both flags sport an eagle in the upper right, flying left, and a solid purple stripe across the bottom. The standard flag, with a white background, is the official flag, and the secondary flag, with a black background, is intended for times of war and mourning. The usage of the secondary flag is left at the discretion of each member. The current Legion Sanction flag is a re-imaging of the current peacetime flag, but it and the current peacetime flag are considered to be one in the same.

Prior to the adoption of the current flags, the previous flag sported two black strikes across the middle of the purple-background flag, widening to the left, with a gold-colored eagle in a circle at the center.


The Standard Peacetime Flag


The Standard Wartime Flag


The Sanction Flag


The Old Flag of the Legion

Individual Nation FlagsEdit

Each Legion member has the option to adapt any of The Legion flags for their nation.

Imperator, and ProconsulEdit

Nation Leader Primary Flag Secondary Flag


Strana Mechty
Alexander KerenskyAK Peace FlagAK War Flag

The ConsulateEdit

Nation Leader Primary Flag Secondary Flag
Minister of Economics
MeltedLazerzML Peace FlagML War Flag
Minister of Foreign Affairs
AssaraxAssarax Peace FlagAssarax War Flag
Minister of Defense
SiaonSIA Peace FlagSIA War Flag
Dendarii Federation
Minister of Internal Affairs
Andrew IIIDF Peace FlagDF War Flag

Other OfficialsEdit

Nation Leader Primary Flag Secondary Flag
De Bushalte
Inspector General
Isaac SumizoneLegionFlagLegionFlag2

Legion MembersEdit

Nation Leader Primary Flag Secondary Flag
Al MaghribKing Hassan
AzzaronaAzeroth the InsaneAzzarona Flag Redone Black 2.5Azzarona Flag Redone 2
BouvetiaAparteBouvetiaBouvetia War Flag
District of York Empress van Wain WhiteblueDoYflag2Centaurlegion
ElmekiaMauzelElmekia Legion FlagLegionFlag2
Freedom Guard Klarina LegionbannerLegionFlag2
The Grand Duchy of MarlmichaeruNewMarlFlagGrandDuchyOfMarlFlag
HeibohreMrlemonjellyPeace flagWar flag
Imperastan Imperator Honorius ImperastanFlag


KansouriAtlashillKansouri Legion FlagKansouri Legion Flag2
The Bavarian EmpireKlaus von AusburgLegion CommieLegionFlag2
LakotaIron Wolf
949726920 l
967213182 l
Pontic KingdomPontic LordLegion Peace FlagLegion Battle Flag
The Legion Flags
HRM The Diva Maia Lyra-ReyesPridetopiaFlag1PridetopiaFlag2
The Divary Flags
HRM The Diva Maia Lyra-ReyesPridetopiaDivaFlag PeacePridetopiaDivaFlag War
RakariLogan AlexanderRakari3LegionFlag2
SolostarGrand Duke Thom SoloSolostar blueSolostar red
Union of CCR Comrade Makaveli Union of CCR FlagUnion of CCR War Flag
Urbs CorenosKing JakeUrbs CorenosFlag1LegionFlag2
Valoria Sun Tzi Valoriaflag


Verensky_GunneR_Verensky FlagVerensky Flag2
VL EmpireEmperor James I, The Imperial OverlordCustom10VLEmpireFlag1
Vukojebistan Ante Gotovina Vukojebistanflag1



Nation Leader Primary Flag Secondary Flag
Great Britain
The Legion Founder
Great BritainLegionFlag3LegionFlag2
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