The Cascadian Republic
Flag of the Cascadian Republic
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Alliance FlagEdit

The flag of the Cascadian Republic was officially adopted on April 3, 2008 by the Provisional Government. The flag symbolizes the forests in its green, Cascadian leftist culture in its cogwheel and red star, the white for the snow of the Cascades, and the rays for the sun. The official flag of the Cascadian Republic doesn't show one official color, blue, however it shows green and white.

Government FlagEdit

Government banner002
The flag of the Government of the Cascadian Republic, used primarily by the Central Executive Committee during official public announcements or by government members as a symbol of status. The flag is the traditional flag of Cascadia, the official colors of the Republic (blue, green, white) used to symbolize snow, the Pacific and Columbia, and the forests. In the middle shown is the evergreen tree, a widely recognized icon of the region.

Civil FlagEdit

Civil banner004
The civil flag is the tricolor flag with a circle in the middle with room to put a personal emblem. The civil flag is of use for member nations to make as their official Cascadian membership flag or even their national flag.

Zhukov banner005
Cascadian civil flag for the Union of Europe and Cascadian co-founder and President, Zhukov. The emblem in the middle is of Cascadia, symbolizing that it is center in national affairs and the nation's founding status in the alliance. The hammer and sickle symbolizes that the nation is Communist and the raised fist is to symbolize Zhukov's previous alliance, the Communist Party of CyberNations.

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