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Flag of
Flag of Werbistan
Name Grand Liberty
Use National and Civil Flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 3 February 2010

The two primary flags of Werbistan include Grand Liberty, the national flag, and Great Defender, the martial flag.

Grand Liberty[]

Grand Libery's colors, Blue and White, symbolize basic ideals that the nation cherishes: Resolve in Duty, Purity of Intention, and Aspirations for the Future. Blue also represents the nation team Werbistan has traditionally resided on. The division of the flag into three equal vertical bars stands for the national motto, Acta Non Verba. The five-pointed star represents the many people that have united under Werbistan's Liberty. The shield implies that to defend Werbistan, one must use Actions (AK-47) and Words (fountain pen); however, Actions ultimately count for more than Words. Thus, the AK-47 is placed in front of the fountain pen.

Great Defender[]

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State flags?[]

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