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Flag of
Clinkham Wood
Flag of Clinkham Wood
Name Union Flag or Union Jack
Use FIAV 111111 National Flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 1 September 2010
Description Horizontal bands of black, gold and crimson with the Preußen Eagle in the a circle of black and gold centered.

The Unie vlag (English: Union Flag), also known as the Three Lions, in favour during Tudor times, was a narrow, tapering swallow-tailed flag, of considerable length, used mainly for pageants. English Standards had the cross of St. George at their head; then the heraldic device, badge or crest, with its motto. These did not bear the coat of arms. The royal standard changed frequently from reign to reign. The flag fell out of use when England was conquered by the Celestinians, however, the Government of Clinkham Wood decided to revive that flag to repalce the previous flag that was used during Clinkham Wood's membership in the German Empire.

With the nations membership in The German Empire revived, the Government of Clinkham Wood decided to once again use the old Union Flag, as well as the symbols related to it.