First aNiMaLz-KoRT War
Date August 16, 2014 - September 15, 2014
Casus belli aNiMaLz raids on KoRT
Result KoRT Victory
Preceded by
Baldr War
Succeeded by
AE-Limitless Nexus War
ANiMaLz aNiMaLz
Kortwar Knights of the Round Table

The First aNiMaLz-KoRT War was a conflict between aNiMaLz and Knights of the Round Table that began on August 16, 2014, after KoRT nations were attacked by two aNiMaLz nations. It ended on September 15th, 2014 with Rukunu of Fordlandia accepting KoRT's terms of peace on behalf of aNiMaLz:

  • The withdrawal of two of Sir Kindle's spies from KoRT.

Within the space of 30 days aNiMaLz declared 5 wars and the Knights of the Round Table declared 21 wars. Many aNiMaLz nations were sent into anarchy and Sir Kindle was ZIed.

Although the spies left KoRT Sir Kindle never offically surrendered. Peace was agreed upon and an uneasy truce was made between the two alliances.

On December 5th, 2014 Sir Kindle redeclared war on KoRT due to an issue regarding KoRT harboring a rogue aNiMaLz nation. KoRT refused to pay the aid compensation demanded by aNiMaLz, igniting the Second aNiMaLz-KoRT War.
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