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First War of the Smooth Gophers
Date September 25, 2008 (12:16 AM) — September 25, 2008
Casus belli Smooth glances at Gopherbashi, citing "FUCK 'YO ALLIANCE RACE NYUKKA". Gopherbashi responds by declaring war on The Order of Righteous Nations after they "insulted us one too many times."
Status Sleep, New Wiki Article
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The First War of the Smooth Gophers escalated after Smooth was announced as an honourary member of TORN by bigwoody, and fupresti suggested in #VE that "everyone hide." The situation escalated as Smooth threatened to use this new position to "fuck more shit up now," at which point the glance at Gopherbashi occurred. When pressed for an explanation by Gopherbashi, Smooth replied "my bbf rose jill whatever". Determining that this explanation was insufficient, Gopherbashi proceeded to declare war on TORN. The Green Protection Agency declared neutrality, but did offer to referee the war. Surrender terms were offered to Smooth by Gopherbashi (along the lines of "20,000 secks over four months), although these were quickly reduced to "SLEEP" after fupresti declared that TORN was willing to defend Smooth. These revised terms were supported by Smooth and quickly accepted by all parties, who then entered a "sleep like comatose."

Unsummary[edit | edit source]

[01:13] <fupresti> omg Smooth is an honorary member

[01:13] <fupresti> everyone hide

[01:13] * Pickle[VE] has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

[01:15] * VE|Cards_ is now known as VE|Cards

[01:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +h VE|Cards

[01:16] <Smooth[VE]> I'ma use my even more heightened powers within TORN to fuck more shit up now

[01:16] * Smooth[VE] glances at Gopherbashi


[01:17] <Gopherbashi> 0.0

[01:17] <Gopherbashi> wtf did i do now?

[01:17] * Mirima has quit IRC (Quit: )

[01:19] <Smooth[VE]> lol idk

[01:19] <Smooth[VE]> my bbf rose jill whatever

[01:20] <The_Doctor[GPA]> ...

[01:20] <Gopherbashi> 0.0

[01:20] * The_Doctor[GPA] raises an eyebrow

[01:20] <Gopherbashi> thats it

[01:20] * Gopherbashi declares war on TORN

[01:21] <The_Doctor[GPA]> kk i'll go list the gopherbashi alliance as at war on GPA forum

[01:21] <The_Doctor[GPA]> lol

[01:21] <Gopherbashi> Yus

[01:21] <Gopherbashi> TORN's Smooth has insulted us one too many times

[01:22] <The_Doctor[GPA]> ahhh well i can't wait to see the surrender terms :P

[01:22] <The_Doctor[GPA]> :D

[01:22] <Smooth[VE]> lol bring it

[01:22] <Smooth[VE]> BITCH

[01:22] <Gopherbashi> Ah yes, the surrender terms

[01:22] <Gopherbashi> Smooth shall deliver 20,000 secks to Gopherbashi over the span of four months

[01:23] <fupresti> TORN would deliver 100 tons of ass whoopin

[01:23] <The_Doctor[GPA]> ok guys as a neutral party i am declaring myself referee, i want a nice dirty fight with lots of low blows and ear biting

[01:23] <The_Doctor[GPA]> now MORTAL COMBAT!

[01:23] * Sadi[MCXA] has joined #ve

[01:23] <Gopherbashi> no no

[01:23] <fupresti> Smooth is one of us, you want him, you take on all of us

[01:23] <Gopherbashi> now SLEEP!

[01:23] <The_Doctor[GPA]> lmao

[01:24] <Gopherbashi> hmmm

[01:24] <Gopherbashi> that is an interesting proposal

[01:24] <The_Doctor[GPA]> VE orgy?

[01:24] <Smooth[VE]> Someone say sleep?

[01:25] <The_Doctor[GPA]> lol sorry had to be said

[01:25] * Fred531 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)

[01:25] <Gopherbashi> so TORN is willing to deliver 20,000 secks over four months?

[01:25] <Smooth[VE]> As Offical CyberNations Senator of all things Snorlax, I must implore us all to follow the proposal of Gopherbashi and put ourselves into a sleep like comatose.

[01:25] * unkki has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

[01:25] <Gopherbashi> Agreed

[01:25] <Gopherbashi> And so ends the First War of the Smooth Gophers

[01:26] <Smooth[VE]> lol Someone put it in the wikipedia

[01:26] <Gopherbashi> yus!

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