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On the 3rd of April both The First Earth Battalion and The United Incorporated Republics signed a treaty.

  • 1a. This is a protection/friendship treaty. This treaty means that our allies will be protected by each other and our alliances can trade with each other too and provide each other with possible foreign aid.
    • b. It is also a defefensive pact so if a foreign alliance declares war with either alliance, our allies would go to war with that other alliance unless otherwise decided.
    • c. If the situation arises that one alliance is in a bad state the two alliances shall merge until the damaged alliance has recovered.
    • d. Nations in each alliance will also be given priority for trading such as tech deals.
  • 2. If anyone on either alliance hears someone talking about war with another alliance, they should report it immediately to the UIR and FEB Department Of Defense and the appropriate actions will take place. The leaders of both alliances shall then hold a meeting in which the fate of the nation in question shall be decided.
  • 3. No one on either alliance will be permitted to "bad mouth" nations in either alliance. Neither alliance is better than the other. Nations found responsible of such rudeness shall be expelled from their alliance immediately, without any arguments.
  • 4. All FEB nations are allied to UIC nations . This means nations have the permission to mention either alliance in their nation bios for protection.
  • 5. The treaty may only be broken if at least 80% of nations in both alliances vote on the matter. Their also must be a majority of 75% for the vote to have any affect on the treaty. But the final decision rests on the leadership of both alliances.
  • 6. If either alliance wishes to change the Treaty in some way then a meeting between the alliances leaders must take place to decide upon the matter.
  • 7. Our allies our your allies and your allies are our allies.


  • King Tallioer of the United Incorporated Republics
  • Guppy of the First Earth Battalion
  • Vladimer of the First Earth Battalion