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First ERA-CCCP War
Date August 17 — 23, 2010
Casus belli Alleged threats, harassment, and attempted recruitment of ERA members
Result White peace
Preceded by
Six Million Dollar War
Succeeded by
Equal Rights Alliance
CCCP flag twist by JoeyCainoVox91.jpg
52,437 nation strength 7,078 nation strength

The First ERA-CCCP War was a conflict between Equal Rights Alliance and CCCP, declared on August 17, 2010 and ended August 23, 2010.


According to the official declaration of war by ERA, there were messages sent from CCCP nations threatening and harassing ERA, as well as attempted recruitment. Peace was declared on August 23 after only four nation-to-nation wars were declared, of which three were initiated by CCCP. That said, as of 14:15 server time that day, three of the nation-to-nation wars had not yet ended.


It was later brought to the attention of the OWF that an ERA member had committed the exact same transgression against TOOL, that ERA was rolling CCCP for. Grahamkeatley, TOOL's leader, called for Andover to apologise to the CCCP for his lack of diplomacy. Aside from this, the main criticism was that ERA's leader Andover was too big to declare on any of the CCCP's nations, while most of them at the time of declaration were too small.

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